Sammy is a goddess! She is so welcoming to her studio home. It was a crazy hot day and she had water, cold brew and mega a/c to stay comfy. She took time to hear out what I was looking for, the vibe I wanted, see my looks, see my past shots, discuss color and light and give me time to prep. I never felt rushed or slighted, and I totally trusted her to make adjustments and direction. Even though we had only communicated via email I felt like I had an old friend taking my pic--which I think really shines through in the final product. Go to her before she blows up!  

-Anna Reichert, Actress




Wow, Sammy.  How can it be that I actually LIKE these and am having a hard time picking my favorite!?  It's a real testament to your skill that you not only made me not hate the process but I actually am really happy with the results.  Thank you!

-Chelsea Dodgen, Therapist







Sammy was incredibly intuitive and fun to work with, and she so effortlessly put this camera-shy performer at ease. I actually had a tough time narrowing down the photos from our shoot, because I received so many good options for natural, high-quality portraits that actually look like me. I'd recommend Sammy in a heartbeat!

-Samantha Sheppard, Director/Producer/Writer/Teacher







Sammy Tunis has the tremendous gift of putting her subjects at ease. During our session, she made me feel relaxed and confident, and allowed me to channel my best self. Her photos are distinguished by their use of beautiful natural light, relaxed subjects, and subtle, yet powerful backgrounds. I can't recommend Sammy enough!  

-Rosie DuPont, Actress/Writer/Producer








I love Sammy! She’s a warm, artistic, and talented person who's been in the business for years and understands both sides of the camera. I felt so comfortable with her - before I knew it, she was putting me in her clothes and hats, snapping away! You won’t feel any pressure to get “THE SHOT,” and that’s when you look your best! Sammy is not only great for headshots, but also those miscellaneous shots that are almost a necessity for social media nowadays. You can get weird or fun or moody without judgment. Shoot with Sammy!!

-Caroline Moore, Actress/Writer/Comedian







Loved working with Sammy.  Her shots are fabulous, she just has a great eye for light and framing.  More importantly, working with her is such easy going and open experience.  Her confidence helps puts you in a place of ease which allows the best you to come to the surface.

-Jeanette Bonner, Actress/Producer/Host








I am a working artist who needed a headshot, but I have a phobia of getting photographed. Sammy was the best choice I could have possibly made, she really put me at ease and took some gorgeous naturally lit photos. I highly recommend her for anyone who is a little camera shy, but needs some headshots to make them look like a boss.

-Jenny Reed, Director/Producer







Working with Sammy is a profoundly freeing and unique experience that results in extremely useful,  joyful, and authentic photos. I needed editorial / lifestyle photos for a creative project I was doing, and I knew I didn't want to work with a regular headshot photographer. In one incredibly relaxed and creative experience, Sammy solves the perplexing problem of needing to have high quality photos of you, doing your work or being yourself, in your environment (for websites and social media), and also gives you authentic headshots as well. She takes the time to get to know who you are, what you're about, and she actually, truly creates an energy that allows you to feel comfortable, released, and unheld. For the first time in a lifetime of anxious photoshoots, I felt I could let go, and we worked together to create shots I could never have imagined. I have gotten more compliments on these photos than on ANY other set of photos I've taken. I am constantly recommending my clients to her. Shoot with Sammy, you will be DELIGHTFULLY glad you did (and your marketing will skyrocket as a result).

 -Liz Kimball, Director/Coach/Speaker/Educator/Writer




When i first saw Sammy's portrait and headshot work,  I immediately felt a connection with her subjects; with the spark she found in making them shine.  her style is distinctly her own and yet her photos are all about the person she is photographing.  Being a professional actor/musician for twenty years can take a toll on one's relationship with their body image and appearance... working with Sammy was a respite from that for me.  She finds the beauty inside her subjects and her lens reflects it on the outside.

-Luca Papaelias, Actor/Musician






I'm a writer/editor, and I usually hate having my picture taken, so I put off getting professional shots done for years. Whenever an editor would ask for a photo to go with a story, I would panic. When a friend recommended Sammy to me out of the blue, I decided it was time to finally go for it, and I'm so glad I did! The experience was a total pleasure and actually fun - Sammy made me feel totally comfortable and there wasn't anything awkward about it. And she got amazing shots - she's so talented and dedicated to capturing your best look. Not a week goes by that I'm not relieved that I finally did it, and I love recommending Sammy to my writer friends who are similarly intimidated by headshots. Go with Sammy, you'll love everything about the experience!

-Lindsay Robertson, Writer, Editor, Web Editorial Expert