Bio & Process

Hi! I’m Sammy. I take pictures. I also perform and make music.

My mission is to take pictures of you that help you see how stunning and fascinating you already are - and to make that process as fun and low-stress as possible. Pictures that make you say, “These actually look like me, and I LOVE the way I look.” Pictures that make you feel seen.

I get it: We’re all insecure about our appearance. But honestly, every time I take someone’s picture, all I can think is, “Wow, this person is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.” You are already enough. Your face, your body, your smile, are enough. You don’t have to perform for the camera, just be who you are.

Before we even begin, I send you a handy prep document that helps you understand exactly what to bring and do beforehand, and you can share images with me that speak to you. I want to make this as easy as possible for you. This is going to be less like a formal photo shoot, and more like just hanging out together with a camera and some coffee. Super collaborative, super chill.

As a performer, I’ve had my picture taken many times, and I’ve learned from being on the other end of the camera what is NOT helpful from a photographer! And, I know what performers need from the pictures I take of them. I also very much enjoy shooting non-performers, especially my fellow multi-hyphenates! Introverts and the camera-shy are welcome here. :-)

I really love getting to know the folks I photograph, and I’m here to take photos that will make other people want to know you, too. And I think the experience should feel comfortable, low-pressure, and delightful.